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Luminosity Glitter

Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Glitter

Bioglitter® is the registered trademark of Ronald Britton Limited and under licence,

Luminosity Glitter has been granted permission for its use.

We pride ourselves on the fact we've only ever stocked biodegradable glitter and will forever stay true to that ethos. 
We are the original Eco Glitter Alchemists and have a stunning selection of biodegradable glitter blends for every occasion. 

Many people aren't aware that there is a sustainable way to sparkle.
We have made it our mission to convert and educate as many people as we can,

whilst spreading a trail of eco friendly sparkle along the way!

We don't get a planet B. 


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Eco Glitter Revolution

It's simple really.

We only use biodegradable glitter.

Always have and always will. 

Made primarily from eucalyptus film, 

sourced from responsibility managed plantations operating to PEFC™ standards.

Our glitter is:

  • Biodegradable,

  • Allergen free,

  • Cruelty free,

  • Vegan friendly (pure range is vegetarian friendly),

  • GMO free,

  • Softer on your skin,

  • Sparkly AF!

Bioglitter Pure Opal Rose Ultra
The world's first 100% plastic free iridescent glitter

Whether you're a face painter, make up artist, festival organiser or creative, our wholesale catalogue is filled with a stunning rainbow of colours and a wide range of individual glitter flake sizes to fullfill your glittery dreams.

Our stunning biodegradable glitter has been used for events such as graduation shoots, glitter drops and even creating eco glitter wedding aisles across the globe.

To discuss a bespoke quote for your event, please get in touch today.

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