Luminosity Glitter Biodegradable Glitter

Super sparkly eco friendly glitter. Much softer on the skin compared to traditional plastic glitter. 
These plants based beauties are proven to biodegrade in a natural freshwater environment.

We are the Eco Glitter Alchemists with industry leading signature biodegradable glitter blends.
Check out our 
fabulous selection of fine, chunky and ultra chunky glitters.

Festival Glitter - Face Glitter - Body Glitter - Hair Glitter 

Festival Favourites

Single colour and individual sized sparkle. 
Fine, chunky and ultra chunky glitter.

Lilac bioglitter UK

Luminosity Glitter signature blends. 
Hand blended, with love, in London.

Blended Bioglitter UK

Sparkle until your glittery heart is content with Luminosity Glitter Sets

Pink Bioglitter UK