This sparkly beauty has been blended with love, in London using bioglitter™ sparkle. 

That means this blend is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Icepop Blend

Chunky sized biodegradable glitter (040 Hex)


Luminosity Glitter is plant based and made from Bioglitter™. 


We use: 

★Bioglitter™ Sparkle- 92%* Plastic free and proven to biodegrade highly in a natural, freshwater environment. 

★Bioglitter™ Pure- 100% plastic and aluminium free, 

★Bioglitter™ Pure Opal- The world's first 100% plastic free iridescent glitter.


All types of bioglitter™ are made using ethically and sustainable sourced raw materials; primarily eucalyptus from responsibly managed plantations operating to PEFC™ standards.


Our glitter is proudly 


➔Plant based, not plastic, 

➔Biodegradable cosmetic glitter, 

➔Cruelty free; Never tested on animals or unicorns, 

➔Vegetarian and Vegan* friendly.


Pot Selection

We offer a variety of ways to purchase your sparkle.

Our glitter is available in various ways. 

• 2.5g Plastic pots • Refillable • Recyclable 

• 6g Aluminium pots • Refillable • Recyclable 

• Refill bags • Recyclable • Biodegradable 


All weights are approximate.




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Pot Selection