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Zero Waste Goods guest market at Old Spitalfields Market

Updated: Jan 18

We are so excited to be a stall holder at the Autumn Zero Waste Goods guest market at Old Spitalfields in London this weekend!

It is extremely important to us to be able to spread the word about eco friendly alternatives to traditional plastic glitter, whilst leaving a trail of eco sparkle along the way.

The Zero Waste Goods Guest Market will be packed with amazing small businesses from all over that want to bring you eco friendly alternatives and innovating creations.

Join us with other amazing small businesses for all things eco and zero waste!

We'll be stocked with your favourites along with some spooky sparkle in time for Halloween.

What is the Zero Waste approach?

It is a way to avoid common things such as plastic packaging, single use plastic and an unsustainable waste cycle. It focuses on long lasting, ethical and sustainable products and packaging. What changes to a zero waste approach can you make? Even things you may consider small such as switching from disposable face wipes to washable ones, refilling your shampoo bottles etc from your local zero waste shop.

Small changes make a big difference!

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