Micro plastic not so fantastic

Did you know? Traditional glitter is a micro plastic. |t's one of those things that most people don't even think about. You don't think about what happens once it vanishes down the plug hole after showering off a hard day's partying.

The reality is terrifying.

Part of the problem is, we find traditional plastic glitter absolutely everywhere. It's in makeup, face masks, on shoes, hair brushes, wrapping paper, decorations and everywhere else you could possibly imagine. But I guarantee, if the thought has ever crossed your mind while purchasing Christmas wrapping paper, the prettiness has always outweighed any doubt. Why is traditional glitter such an issue if it's so small I hear you ask... Below is a pretty simply diagram of why microplastics are such a danger to the environment, marine life and even, ultimately, human health.

Diagram courtesy of Sunrise Sanitation.

People just don't realise that eventually, Microplastics do work their way back into the food chain and even our drinking water.

How do we reduce the plastic pollution?

We all need to start making change and reducing plastic in all aspects of our lives. Reuse the plastic we do have and recycle where possible.

Switch those readily available plastic carrier bags at the checkout for a reusable bag or even tote. Make sure you recycle what you can, when you can and be more conscious when purchasing.

Just because it's sparkly, cheap and looks great, what harm is it doing to the environment down the line? There are Eco alternatives out there; Why not make your own wrapping paper next Christmas with some of our fine glitter?

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