Can Luminosity Glitter be used in wax melts?

Absolutely! A lot of our wholesale customers are wax melt makers and we're obsessed!

I would highly recommend using our Pure Opal range too as the iridescent shimmer from these glitters is beyond stunning!

Our glitter is biodegradable, plant based, never tested on animals or unicorns, softer on the skin and sparkly AF!

Our glitters are great for soap making, wax melt making, adding to play dough and so much more.

Why is Luminosity Glitter so special?

We proudly only stock Bioglitter™. That's all we ever have, and all we ever will.

Bioglitter™ has been through an extremely high standard of cosmetic and biodegradability testing.

Plant based, not plastic; this sparkle is made primarily from eucalyptus from sustainable and responsibly managed plantations operating to PEFC™ standards.

Proven to biodegrade quickly and safely in a natural environment, this glitter is an absolute game changer!


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