Good Market Global

What a way to start the week! We've been Good Market approved and could not be more excited!

This is a huge achievement, to be recognised as a small business that is on a mission to make change in the world. It is extremely important to us to educate as many people as possible about why eradicating the popular traditional glitter which is a micro plastic, is so important. (While spreading a trail of eco glitter along the way of course) We only get one Earth, we really need to start looking after it.

The decisions made on everything from labels, inserts, mailer and packaging choices are not ones we make lightly. We use recycled products and paper where it is possible, a huge proportion of labels and stickers are made in-house and we encourage consumers to refill their own containers with our sparkle.

We aren't perfect, but are making changes for a better world.

Thank You all for joining us on this eco journey and I am extremely excited about what the future holds.

Luminosity Glitter - The Sustainable way to Sparkle

Learn more about Good Market Here

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