Luminosity Glitter Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my glitter is biodegradable?

Biodegradable glitter is currently only available in hexagonal shape. You wont find eco friendly sparkle in stars, moons or even circles. Currently, eco friendly glitter is also not available in holographic.

Are your mailers eco friendly?

We use eco friendly Jiffy bags for small orders that are filled with a 100% recycled paper fibre lining to keep your sparkle safe on it's journey.
Larger sets and orders are shipped using cardboard boxes that can be recycled.

How biodegradabe is your glitter?

Independantly tested by OWS Belgium, to ISO14851 Fresh Water Biodegradablity and proven to biodegrade highly in a natural environment.
- 87% biodegradablity achieved in 28 days. Only 3% off meeting the performance criteria required for certification. As the last of the plastic is removed, biodegradability performance will increase allowing the 90% goal to be met.

Which glitter do you use?

We only ever use Bioglitter®. All bioglitter products are non-toxic and pass EN71 European Toy Regulations along with Global Cosmetic Regulations.

Why is Luminosity Glitter so special?

Luminosity Glitter is plant based and blended using only Bioglitter®. ★Bioglitter® Sparkle- 92%* Plastic free and proven to biodegrade highly in a natural, freshwater environment.
★Bioglitter® Pure- 100% plastic and aluminium free,
★Bioglitter® Pure Opal- The world's first 100% plastic free iridescent glitter. All types of Bioglitter® are made using ethically and sustainable sourced raw materials; primarily eucalyptus from responsibly managed plantations operating to PEFC™ standards. Our glitter is proudly ➔Plant based, not plastic,
➔Biodegradable cosmetic glitter,
➔Cruelty free; Never tested on animals or unicorns,
➔Vegetarian and Vegan* friendly.

Is Luminosity Glitter suitable for vegetarians to use?


Is Luminosity Glitter suitable for vegans too?

Bioglitter™ Sparkle blends are suitable for vegan use but unfortunately Pure and Pure Opal ranges are not currently.

What can you use Luminosity Glitter for?

We are so glad you asked!
Our glitter is perfect for your hair, face, body, nails, wax melts, soap and even play dough!

Why do you have plastic post as an option to purchase my glitter in?

We are working hard to become a completely plastic free small business, this takes a lot of trial and error with a lot to factor in and we try and keep the postage prices as low as possible for you. We have made sure that we offer a range of glitter pots of different sizes, including our fully biodegradable refill bags with biodegradable stickers.
If you do purchase a small plastic pot, please do refill it or pop it in the recycling bin when you're finished.

How do I get the glitter to stick?

As our glitter is loose glitter, you will need to use a cosmetic fixative. We recommend our aloe vera gel which is great for sensitive skin.

What size pots can I purchase Luminosity Glitter in?

Our glitter is available in various ways.
• 2.5g Plastic pots • Refillable • Recyclable
• 6g Aluminium pots • Refillable • Recyclable
• Refill bags • Recyclable • Biodegradable

Are you a licensed Bioglitter® reseller?

Yes! Bioglitter® is the registered trademark of Ronald Britton Limited and under licence, Luminosity Glitter has been granted permission for its use.

This means you can be sure your biodegradeble glitter is tested to an extremely high standard and you're purchaing genuine Bioglitter®